The Wedding DJ

The Wedding Coordinator

Zepster Weddings DJ Kansas City


Your Special Wedding Reception Event 2014-2015


Hotel  Formal Weddings & Receptions


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DJ set up time  – Sound and Lightning

Guests arrival time   –  Background Music Playing

Arrival of the Bride and Groom  –  announcement

  Served Dinner or Food Buffet  – announcement

Cake Cutting  –  announcement

Toasts to Bride & Groom  –   announcement

The First Dance Bride&Groom  –  announcement

The Father Daughter Dance  –   announcement

The Mother Son Dance  –   announcement

The Parents Dance  –   announcement

The Bridal Party Dance  –  announcement

The Bouquet Toss  –   announcement

The Garter Toss  –  announcement

 Hours of Dance Music  – Time to Dance!

The Wedding Event Ends with the Last Dance!

Another Great Event!


The Wedding DJ

Hotel Weddings & Receptions

Zepster DJ Kansas City



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Zepster DJ Kansas City -Five Star*****Review Ratings: Reviews


   Zepster DJ Kansas City – Five Star*****Review Ratings:    Yellow