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Zep, Great Music and Party!!…………Julie

Zep, I want to join many other in congratulation to you and such a great dance at Camelot (Sunday Labor Day Weekend night, It was fabulous!  Kathy

Zep, You had some great tunes to shake my groove thing! Forever Royals!….  Suzi

Zep, The reason we all came out because we love you, your the best dj …..P.F.

Zepster, we Loved your playlist!…. Ginny

Zepster, the dance was well attended and fun!!….Marti 

Zepster, I liked the songs you played… Bob

Zep, Fun event, great non-stop music from The Zepster!….Suze

Zep, Everyone had a fabulous time, I had fun and you did a great job New Years Eve!…..Loretta

Zep, A great way to spend  New Years Eve, good dancing music ….Pam

Zep, Thanks for the great music selection NYE…..Sheri

Zep, Thanks for getting the word out and doing your usual awesome job New Years Eve  as DJ!  It was a great event!……Phil

Zep, Thanks for your skills at the turntable. You keep ’em dancing!….. Suzi

Fun Times at your TGIF Dance…….Dee

Love the Zep and his selection of music, the time was great last night good tunes, good dance……………Samuel

Zep,TGIF Dance, You’re an awesome person and DJ. Thanks for participating on the dance floor. It was great to have you share in the dance floor experience.  Looking forward to the next dance with your expertise of playing the tunes. You know your participants and audience and what tunes goes with them. Thanks, again! Dave

Zep, At the TGIF Dance,  I had a great time dancing, meeting some new people and it was fun, Marlene

Zep, At the TGIF Dance, lots of fun! Cindy

Zep the TGIF Dance was Great! ,

Zep, just wanted to let you know that I have been at your dances for quite some time now – close to about two years. I also have been to other dances with other DJ’s and I can appreciate your style and mix of tunes – slow and fast mixture. I think it’s great, also, that you take into consideration your audience and their preferences. Keep it up! Awesome job! ~Dave (aka Samuel) 

Dear Zep thank you for being our Dj at my husbands birthday party!   I think everyone had a fabulous time and you did a great job with the music, you managed to get a lot of us “oldies” on our feet dancing.  I’m so glad you’re still DJing!  Great Job!  Jeanette………………  7/16/16

Zep, you were our DJ at our wedding last weekend.  We my wife and I are equally grateful to have found a DJ that perfectly projected the DJ experience we desired.  I will be giving you online feedback on Google.  I will give the best review possible.  ………..Zep was perfect. He was our wedding and reception DJ. I found him out of the blue on google and gave him a call. He was so easy to talk to and work with. After dealing with so many corporate DJ companys, I was relieved to find a no hassle DJ. He was very professional and easily understood what we wanted. I recommend Zepster for any kind of event. He is just ones of those guys who deep down inside, is truly dedicated to producing and delivering a perfect experience. He even sent us a personalized card thanking us for our business and congratulating us on our marriage.  8/16/2016….Ryan       

Zepster,  everyone had a great time.  Thanks so much for your help.  They are already talking about having us back next year. (Very Large Corporate Event)   Brandi  10/8/16

Zepsters events are great. Everyone dances, usually non-smoking and safe areas for women. There is always a good mix of people. When food is provided, it is always excellent!  Vickie D

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St Thomas More Church, 11823 Holmes, KC, MO 64131 BEGINNING EXPERIENCE FUNDRAISER

Includes Beer Wine and light food items

7:00pm Doors Open

7:00pm – 7:30pm Singles Mingles Time

7:30pm -10:30 pm Singles Dance

DJ Zepster

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  Saturday November 5th, 2016

Zepster’s Autumn Swingout Singles Dance

Camelot Ballroom,  6635 W151st, Overland Park, KS

7pm to 8pm West Coast Dance Lessons

DJ Zepster

8:00pm to 11:00pm Singles Dance

Cash Bar $10.00 at the door




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Friday November 17th


Bring a BOOK & DANCE

BRING A BOOK TO DONATE  for Lansing Correctional Facility

John S one of the members of the 59 meetup group will be collecting any books you many have to donate for his prison ministry, it is for a good cause.

Friday November 17th

TGIF Singles & Friends Dance

DJ Zepster

 American Legion

7500 W75St, Overland Park,KS 66204

7:30pm to 10:30 pm… $10.00 at the door 

Cash Bar

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Friday November 25th, 2016

Thanksgiving Friday Holiday Singles and Friends Dance

Bring your favorite Holiday Dessert to share with others

Camelot Ballroom 6635 W151st, Overland Park, KS 66223

East Coast Dance Lessons from 7;00pm to 8:00pm

DJ Zepster

More Fun Dancing 8:00pm to 11:00pm

$10.00 at the door – Cash Bar


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FYI..*Sat. Dec. 3rd, 2016. 7-11:00pm SON Christmas Dance $20 at door. food, drinks. DJorBand, 3800 W119 street, Leawood  $20


Sunday December 11th, 2016

Special Event

Singles Mingle Potluck & Dance

Sunday Afternoon Christmas Singles and Friends Potluck & Dance Party

Bring Your favorite covered Dish to share with others

(FYI the Chiefs Play Thursday Night)

 American Legion

7500 W75St, Overland Park,KS 66204

DJ Zepster

2:00pm to 5:00pm pm… $10.00 at the door 

Cash Bar

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  Friday December 23rd, 2016

Zepster’s Christmas Singles Dance

Camelot Ballroom,  6635 W151st, Overland Park, KS

7pm to 8pm Dance Lessons

DJ Zepster

8:00pm to 11:00pm Singles Dance

Cash Bar      $10.00 at the door


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Beginning Experience Annual Fundraiser

DJ Zepster

Annual New Years Eve BE Welsome 2017 Singles Dance

Holy Trinity Hall…..13615 W 92nd St, Lenexa, KS 66215

Advance tickets Recommended or tickets at the door Includes Food and Beverage 

9:00pm to 12:30pm 


$35.00 in advance……$40.00 at the Door

ADVANCE TICKETS US Mail  Deadline is December 20, 2016 Mail by Dec 20th to Beginning Experience KC, Box 2615, SMKS 66201

ADVANCE TICKETS ONLINE by December 28th, 2016 www.beginning Tickets in advance RSVP Tables


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